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Mastering the CAB Social Platform: Unleashing the Power of Its Features

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  2. LESSON 1: Creating Your Profile
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  3. LESSON 2: News Feed
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  4. LESSON 3: Navigating the CAB website
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  5. LESSON 4: Why Join a Group?
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    1. Connecting and Collaborating with Groups on CAB - Beginner's Guide
    2. Many individuals have joined CAB to connect and collaborate on community issues through diverse groups, demonstrating a shared interest in addressing prevalent challenges.
    3. Session 1: Introduction to Groups on CAB
    4. Certain groups on CAB are public and accessible to anyone upon membership, providing general beneficial information. Meanwhile, exclusive program-specific groups necessitate invitations and enable program members to connect and seek relevant answers.
    5. Session 2: Joining and Accessing Groups
    6. Groups on CAB have distinct purposes. The CAB Interns group is ideal for interns to discuss weekly goals and share project documents.
    7. Specific groups like Volunteer Drivers, HealthTran Staff, and Customized Caregiver Training and Relief Program are tailored for members of those programs to access relevant forms, training materials, and information.
    8. Session 3: Exploring Group Pages
    9. In each group, a brief introduction at the top provides insights into the group's goals and the overarching mission of the program.
    10. Session 4: Sharing and Collaborating within Groups
    11. Within each group, you'll discover essential tabs for navigation. You can connect with fellow members, view activity in your feed, and access discussions under the "Feed" tab.
    12. Photos and documents uploaded by members are organized in their respective tabs, allowing you to conveniently load content into the group.
    13. Session 5: Course Conclusion and Next Step
    14. Online groups are ideal for connecting with like-minded individuals driven by similar goals. They offer a platform to understand each other, collaborate, and pursue shared interests or objectives.
    15. These spaces facilitate interaction, enabling you to ask targeted questions and receive valuable answers, making them a great avenue for meaningful engagement and progress. Embrace the opportunity to engage and benefit from these groups!
  6. LESSON 5: Knowing your Notifications
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  7. LESSON 6: Posting vs. Messaging
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