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Mastering the CAB Social Platform: Unleashing the Power of Its Features

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  2. LESSON 1: Creating Your Profile
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  3. LESSON 2: News Feed
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  4. LESSON 3: Navigating the CAB website
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  5. LESSON 4: Why Join a Group?
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  6. LESSON 5: Knowing your Notifications
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    1. Managing Your CAB Notification Settings - Beginner's Guide
    2. Constant notifications through phone and email can be both welcome and overwhelming. While they signify connection attempts, an excessive influx can clutter our inboxes and become annoying. Balancing the need to stay informed with the deluge of notifications can be a challenge.
    3. CAB offers a solution to notification overload by empowering users to customize and manage their notification preferences.
    4. Session 1: Introduction to CAB Notification Settings
    5. To access your notification settings on the homepage, go to your profile and locate the left-side taskbar. Look for the gear icon, the second one from the bottom, representing settings, and click on it.
    6. On the settings page, accessible through the gear icon, you can manage various aspects like password and email settings. Additionally, you'll find a dedicated tab for notification settings within the left-side menu.
    7. Session 2: Accessing Your Notification Settings
    8. Within the notification settings, you'll find "Preferences" and "Subscriptions" tabs. Starting with "Preferences," CAB provides flexibility to opt for email updates and on-screen alerts for notifications.
    9. Session 3: Customizing Notification Preferences
    10. As you navigate down the page, numerous options allow you to customize what specific notifications you wish to receive.
    11. Session 4: Managing Subscriptions
    12. Back to our two options at the top of the page, I want to highlight the “Subscriptions” tab for a moment. Maybe there are specific groups, discussions, or forums that you want to notify you rather than having all of them do so. By clicking on this tab, you can see what you have subscribed to in order to receive notifications. If you decide you don’t want to subscribe to them anymore, this is where you are able to remove them.
    13. Session 5: Course Conclusion and Next Steps
    14. Notifications play a vital role in staying informed about online activities even when away from the website or computer. Customizing notification settings optimizes this process, enabling you to engage effectively by being aware of pertinent updates in a way that suits your preferences.
  7. LESSON 6: Posting vs. Messaging
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