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Mastering the CAB Social Platform: Unleashing the Power of Its Features

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  2. LESSON 1: Creating Your Profile
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  3. LESSON 2: News Feed
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  4. LESSON 3: Navigating the CAB website
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  5. LESSON 4: Why Join a Group?
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  6. LESSON 5: Knowing your Notifications
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  7. LESSON 6: Posting vs. Messaging
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    1. Mastering Online Communication: Public Posts and Direct Messages - Beginner's Guide
    2. Session 1: Introduction to Public Posts and Direct Messages
    3. We're about to post something on the newsfeed, starting on the home page. We'll choose a newsfeed tab, access the page where everyone's posts are visible, and contribute to the discussion by typing in the "Share what's on your mind..." text box.
    4. Session 2: Posting on the Newsfeed
    5. The text box to share a post has four icons at the bottom. The camera icon lets you attach a picture to your post, prompting you to add the photo. Other icons function similarly, allowing you to add different types of content to your post.
    6. The video camera icon lets you upload videos, the paper clip icon is for sharing documents, and the GIF icon allows you to choose from a set of GIFs to add a creative and expressive touch to your post. These icons enhance your ability to share various types of information and add creativity and fun to your posts.
    7. The next part I want to look at is one of the most important when it comes to posting in the newsfeed and that is who can see your post. This helps make sure that the right people can see the information that you are posting. Directly underneath your name is a tab that automatically says, “Public.” If you click on this box, a drop down menu will appear for you.
    8. You can choose who sees your post by selecting the "Post in Group" option. This allows you to pick a specific group you're part of, ensuring that only members of that group can view your post.
    9. Session 3: Sending Direct Messages
    10. To have a private conversation or message someone directly, you can use the messaging icon located at the top of the page, indicated by a circle.
    11. Clicking the messaging icon takes you to the messaging center, where you can view existing direct message threads on the left-hand side and initiate new messages using the new message icon located above the current threads.
    12. Session 4: Understanding Public vs. Private Conversations
    13. Understanding the distinction between posting on the newsfeed and sending direct messages is crucial in online interactions. Newsfeed posts are public and can be viewed by everyone or a selected audience, offering a balance between sharing openly and controlling visibility. On the other hand, direct messages ensure privacy, allowing communication with specific individuals and fostering more intimate conversations. Knowing how and when to utilize these options is essential for effective online engagement.
    14. Session 5: Course Conclusion
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