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Commonly Used Census Tables

Summary Tables:
DP02 – Selected Social Characteristics
DP03 – Selected Economic Characteristics
DP04 – Selected Housing Characteristics

Specific Topic Tables:

B01001 – Sex By Age
B02001 – Race
B03001 – Ethnicity
B11009 – Coupled Households by Type (has same-sex households)
B15003 – Educational Attainment Age 25 and older
B19301 – Per Capita Income
B21001 – Veteran Info
B28003 – Computer/Internet/Broadband Access
C17002 – Poverty Rates/Status
S0901 – Children Characteristics
S1601 – Language Spoken at Home
S1810 – Disability Characteristics
S2101 – Veteran Info
S2701 – Insurance Status
S2704 – Public Health Insurance Coverage by Type, Age & other characteristics
S2801 – Types of Computers & Internet Subscriptions

List of all tables by subject

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