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Session 2: Posting on the Newsfeed

Alondra September 25, 2023

The text box to share a post has four icons at the bottom. The camera icon lets you attach a picture to your post, prompting you to add the photo. Other icons function similarly, allowing you to add different types of content to your post.

The video camera icon lets you upload videos, the paper clip icon is for sharing documents, and the GIF icon allows you to choose from a set of GIFs to add a creative and expressive touch to your post. These icons enhance your ability to share various types of information and add creativity and fun to your posts.

The next part I want to look at is one of the most important when it comes to posting in the newsfeed: who can see your post.

This helps ensure that the right people can see the information you are posting. Directly underneath your name is a tab that automatically says, “Public.” If you click on this box, a drop-down menu will appear for you.

You can choose who sees your post by selecting the “Post in Group” option. This allows you to pick a specific group you’re part of, ensuring that only members of that group can view your post.

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