CAB Website: How-to Part 4: Why Join a Group?

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Many of you who have joined our website have done so because you want to connect with other professionals. You’re interested in working together on issues that you’re facing in your own community. One of the ways that you can do that is by being a part of the groups that are available here on CAB!

Some of these groups are open to the public – anyone can join or is automatically enrolled when becoming a member! These groups are meant to be for general information that everyone would benefit from or be interested in. Other groups will require an invite. These are the groups that are specific to a program within CAB and allow members of that program to find the answers they need, as well as connecting with others in that specific program!

Each group has a specific focus. As an intern, my CAB Interns group is the place where I talk with my preceptor about the goals for the week. I also upload any documents I’m working on to this space as well so that others can look over it! Other groups such as Volunteer Drivers, HealthTran Staff, and Customized Caregiver Training and Relief Program are all for those who have decided to join these programs. This is where various forms, training, and other information can be found!

Once in a group, there is a small introduction at the top of the page. This little section will tell you more about what the goals of the group are, as well as the mission of the program itself.

Below that, you will find all of the tabs that you need in order to navigate through the group. You can see all of your fellow members and connect with them personally if you choose. Your feed is where you will find most of the activity! This is where information and discussions will be posted, though discussions will also be found under the “Discussions” tab. Any photos or documents that are uploaded can be found under their respective tabs – and this is where you will load the ones you wish to have in the group!

In an online world, these groups are the very best way to connect with others who are motivated to achieve similar goals to your own! This is where you get to know who they are, while at the same time working together toward a common interest or goal. These groups also allow you a space to ask specific questions that you may have and get the answers that you need. Don’t be afraid to dive right in!

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