CAB Website: How-to Part 6: Posting vs. Messaging

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Happy Friday, everyone! This week we are going to look at the difference between posting on your newsfeed and sending a direct message. Why is this important, you ask? Because sometimes there are conversations that need to happen in public with everyone, while other times there are conversations that need to happen in private. This is especially helpful for the groups you are involved in!

We will start with posting something on the newsfeed for everyone to see! As usual, we will start on our home page with the options at the top. Choose your newsfeed tab! You will be taken to the page where you are able to see what everyone is posting, and where you can choose to post as well. At the top of the newsfeed, there will be a text box that says, “Share what’s on your mind…”

Once you click on this box, it will open for you. There are a few small details that I want to highlight about this box. The first are the four small icons that are at the bottom of the box. Each one allows you to add something different. The camera icon is for when you want to attach a picture to your post. When you click on the icon, there will be a prompt for you to add your photo. This is what every other icon will do for you as well.

The video camera icon is for when you want to upload a video. The file with a paper clip is for when you want to upload any documents you’d like to share with others. The GIF icon allows you to choose from a set of GIFs that are available to you (these are short little videos that are often used to express an emotion or action, such as a high five!). These icons all help you to share more information with others, as well as allow for some fun creativity.

The next part I want to look at is one of the most important when it comes to posting in the newsfeed and that is who can see your post. This helps make sure that the right people can see the information that you are posting. Directly underneath your name is a tab that automatically says, “Public.” If you click on this box, a drop down menu will appear for you.

These choices let you decide who you want to post to. If there is a specific group you are a part of and you have a document you want to share with you, then you can click on, “Post in Group,” and it will show you all of the groups you are involved in and you can choose the one you want! This means that only the people in that specific group will see your post.

If you want to message someone directly, or have a more private conversation, then you can send other members a direct message. We will go back to the top of the CAB page and choose the messaging icon. I have it circled below!

Once you’ve clicked on the icon, it will take you to the messaging center. Here is where you will see all of the direct message threads you are part of, as well as where you can start new messages! All of your current messages will be on the left-hand side, and the new message icon will be right above those.

Just like in-person conversations, there are online conversations that are meant for everyone and some that are not. When you post to the newsfeed, that allows everyone to see what you are sharing – or only the people you wish to see it. When you send a direct message, this allows only those you send the message to read it and allows for more privacy. When connecting with others on an online platform, knowing how and when to use these two are very helpful and important!

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